Our range is really a complete solution, from fittings to drill rigs and all the consumables in between. 

Our partners include Ripamonti (drill masts, rigs and dimension stone products), Italswiss (grouting equipment, packers and self-drilling anchors), Numa (which offers down-the-hole/DTH hammers, bits and overburden systems), Mitsubishi (top-hammer and overburden systems), SIP & T (Large Diameter Rotary Tooling), Mincon (DTH Hammers & Overburden Systems), EDC (casings, grouting equipment and augers), Matex (environmentally friendly oils and greases) and DATC (coring equipment, wireline, single and double tube). 

We are very proud our of partnerships and have both worked with and used each of these products over the course of our careers. These brands have the quality, support and backup that we require.